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Monday, February 28, 2005

Perceived Attractiveness and Perceived Personality

Look at this unattractive guy. His head is too wide, his skin is too pale, his lips are thin, his eyebrows aren't dark enough, the upper half of his face is the same length as his lower half, his cheek bones are too low, and his eyelids are too thick.

Man, poor guy. Not only that, but when his picture was shown to a group of poeople in comparison to Mr. Sexy (below), he rated out as unsociable, lazy, unintelligent, unimaginative, boring, and dishonest.

They're both computer generated faces. And there's much more information about what German researchers at the universities Regensburg and Rostock discovered about perceived attractiveness and social qualites at A very interesting site.

There is also one page that edits in "child-like" features to adults. They have photos of subjects that are 100% adult or 50/50% adult/child. Don't worry, it's much more intriguing than freaky.
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