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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

FotoNotes: New Technology

In fact, this technology is so new that I can't make it work on the Daily Pick. However, think about a footnote. It offers additional information about a sentence in the main text. A fotonote is similiar. If you moved your cursor over each of the four faces above, a very small window would appear that tells you each of their names and a little about them.

That is of course, if I could get it to work here, which I can't. However, you can see this picture in action at Bitter

And, you can learn more about the wiki at (A "wiki," by the way, for those of you who don't know, which is a group that included me till about ten minutes ago, is a type of software that the user can edit or change). And there is also the Fotonote Rollover Viewer, which is maybe what the Daily Pick needs, but it's too late at night to try and figure this out right now.

Anyways, drop "fotonotes" at your next cocktail party. It is a noun, but try to use it as a verb. Something like, "Well, look, you could always fotonote it."
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Tom, if you want some help, I can get you going with fotonotes on your site.
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