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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bigfoot Returns (As does Wildboy)

Bigfoot Returns

This ferry operator shot Big Foot with his videocamera, but he's too stressed about it to share his footage with the press.

"Hundreds of people have now streamed through a home in northern Manitoba to view a 2-minute 49-second video that has folks believing: Bigfoot lives.

Missy Flett, a self-described cynic, said she was stunned by the image of a massive hair-covered creature walking upright calf-deep in water along a shore of the Nelson River, about 500 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

"I was kind of skeptical when I went over," Ms. Flett, an outreach worker with the Norway House Community Council, explained yesterday after viewing the video. "But after seeing it, I truly believe it's the real sasquatch [another name for Bigfoot]."

She asked whether she could take a picture of the images on the flat-screen television with her digital camera, but the family screening the video in this remote community of 6,000 nixed her request.

They are talking about copyrights and thinking about turning the Bigfoot video into big bucks if some media outlet were just willing to pay.

And now, the man who shot the video is apparently "too stressed" to deal with the press."


Also... from the site "How Stuff Works," it's "How Bigfoot Works."


Finally... while looking for a good image of Big Foot, I found this site, and man, I totally forgot about this old TV show from the late 70's. Bigfoot and Wildboy. Great show.

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