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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Interviews with People Who Have Interesting or Unusual Jobs

From the McSweeney's archives. Interviews about jobs, including this one with a truck driver:

Q: Did you always haul handbags?
A: No, I hauled flour, Ragu spaghetti sauce, paper towels, napkins, laundry detergent, Gatorade. We'd take it to food warehouses.

In the first three years I was driving, I went to New York two or three times a week. One time, I pulled in to Hunts Point Market and another driver was there and he was shaking. He'd stopped at a red light on his way there. You never stop at a red light. There was some guy on the roof of a building pointing a rifle at him. The guy got on the CB with the driver and said, "If you move, we'll shoot you." Then some guys pulled up with a pickup truck, took all the stuff from the trailer, and drove away. That's the last time that guy drove in New York City.

Q: Did things like that ever happen to you?
A: I'd have people hang on the side of my truck for two to three blocks.

Q: What do you do when that happens?
A: Keep driving. Eventually they'll get off.

Q: Do you honk at kids when they make that honk sign at you?
A: Yeah, I always honk; it's mostly kids.

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