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Friday, June 03, 2005

The LifeStraw

Among the 100 finalists for the INDEX Design awards are two life-saving inventions. First, a textile that converts sunlight in to electricity, and second (pictured), the Lifestraw, which turns dirty water into clean, drinkable water. From bTang's ReBlog.

LifeStraw, by Torben Vestergaard Frandsen, is a 25 cm long plastic straw/pipe filter which turns dirty water into clean, drinkable water. Sucked up water meets two textile filters that filter out big materials, even clusters of bacteria. Then the water is led into a chamber of iodine impregnated beads, where bacteria, viruses and parasites are killed. The second chamber is a void space, where the iodine can maintain their killing effect. The last chamber consists of granulated active carbon, which role is to take the main part of the bad smell of iodine, and to take the parasites that have not been taken by the pre-filter or killed by the iodine.
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