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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Waiting for Bigfoot

It seems that whenever I post something about Bigfoot on the Pick, something happens Bigfoot related within days. Now Boing, Boing has brought Jill Miller's "Waiting For Bigfoot" to our attention. Jill is a San Francisco-based multimedia artist.

Miller's durational performance-installation, "Waiting for Bigfoot," will be located in a remote Northern California forest ("Bigfoot Country"). A live video feed will be delivered to the Norwich Gallery as real-time video via satellite uplink, 24 hours a day. The artist will live at the campsite, situated in the epicenter of Bigfoot sightings, for the duration of EAST 05.

Interesting that the site claims that now more than ever people are claiming to have sighted metaphysical beings such at Bigfoot, Lock Ness, etc. When I just watched the Discovery Channel last night and saw that sightings of these creatures are actually down over the last decade. In any case, rock on Jill.

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