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Monday, June 27, 2005

The Wing Women

Everyone knows about the Wingman. Now there's The Wing Women: a Toronto service will send two girls out with a guy in order to pick up another girl.

Actually, Dalie and Nguyen do charge. For a total of $275, they'll hang out with a guy at the public location of his choice for three hours, pretending to be his friends while trying to make him look desirable. And they chat up attractive girls, eventually drawing them into conversation with their client. The Los Angeles originators of this new -- and somewhat disturbing -- singles trend labelled the service Wing Girls, but since Dalie's Toronto dating company is called Wink Singles, the Toronto contingent refer to themselves as Wink Girls. "I first saw this on CSI," says Tim, 26. "This guy was at a bar with two wing girls. I thought it looked like a good idea. Of course, the guy on the show ended up dead. I hope it goes better tonight."

And by the way, the image is of a 1997 movie called Two Girls and a Guy. A review of which starts with: When considering a title like Two Girls and a Guy, one can be forgiven for expecting something a little risqué.
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