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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blogger Templates

I was going to link to sites that have cool blogger templates. However, Oliver at the Soft Alien Blog has beaten me to it. Thanks Oliver.

First Off, is A great collection of linkware templates here. There's even a great looking Yahoo! skin that you could use.

At you can find a nice selection of templates. Most of them are quite graphics heavy (And also table based) and as a result a little slow to load, but the actual designs are a;; pretty cool (and certianly original;).

If you visit you will see a really nice range of templates for Blogger. Most of the templates are fairly simple and easily adapted to most needs.

Even the Spiderman site has a whole bunch of templates that you can use for Blogger... It's probabally worth noting that there are 3 Blogger Templates and 3 LiveJournal templates on this site (They don't seem to have copies of each template for each engine, so you'll have to hack around if you'd like to transport them across). have a HUGE selection of templates for your use.
It's mostly linkware for non commercial purposes. Great designs there... has some Awesome templates. And a huge selection too... They need a bit of hacking to work with Blogger, but I can assure you that the end results are worth the time spent.

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