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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mother Stories

The Morning News lists "Types of Stories Told by My Mother." They include: "The Trojan Moral," "Bummer from the Blue," and "The Longest Goodbye."

Your father and I went to the botanical garden last weekend and, on the spur of the moment, invited along your Aunt Kimberly. And while we were driving over there we had the radio on to the local classical station, and the DJ said that the sixth caller would receive four tickets to the Philharmonic. Well, Kimberly had her cell phone with her, so she called and, guess what? We won! So we’re all going to the symphony next Friday. Isn’t that a kick? You know, we don’t have a cell phone, so there’s no way we could have won if Kimberly wasn’t there. I guess that really goes to show the importance of visiting with family.
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