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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Stone Giants Have Good Hygiene, Contrary to Popular Opinion

I was looking for a photo of a giant. Why? I can't even remember. I look for lots of things. In any case, I stumbled across this site called World of Meln, which is this sort of D&D alternate universe with its own history, population, and lore. Here's the very particular take on the Stone Giant, which should dispell any nasty rumors:

(Note: Commonly giants are assumed to be dirty and filthy creatures wallowing in filthy caves in dirty clothes. That definitely is not the truth. After observing life of some stone giant couple, I noticed them to take good care of their hygiene. Even though I wasn’t able to observe very closely, it seemed that also adobe was kept clean and image of cave having half eaten carrions around didn’t match even close to reality. All refuses were taken to safety distance and in travels they always washed up and refreshed in mountain brooks and ponds.)

Okay, now I remember. I was looking for a Bigfoot image and ran across this site called Giants and Girls. Then I thought I might do a blog about giants. Instead, I put the G&G site into the capable hands of our friend Frank at One Man Safari.
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