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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ghost Hunting Tips

Ghost Hunting tips via Grave Addiction.

Here are some guidelines for capturing ghosts on film!
  1. Don’t take photos during rain or snow storms - rain drops or snowflakes may get on the camera lens and look like orbs!
  2. Make sure your camera lens is clean - fingerprints or dust may also look like orbs.

    If the same ghostly image shows up in the same spot on all of your photos, chances are it is dust on the lens rather than a ghost.
  3. Keep your fingers away from the camera lens when taking photos, a finger in the corner of a photo often looks like a ghost!
  4. Tie back hair, a loose hair in front of the lens is often mistaken for a ghost too.
  5. Don’t smoke on investigations. Smoke may also show up in the photos and discredit any ghostly images. Also, smoking can be a fire hazard in cemeteries or old buildings.

Cynical-C helped us find this.
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