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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Seven Deadly Sins of Book Critics

Thanks to Book Ninja (who, I absent-mindedly left off my list of literary blogs two weeks ago) for finding this gem:

The Seven Deadly Sins of Book Critics

(4) THE FACT-CHECKER-WITH-TOO-MUCH-TIME-ON-HIS-HANDS CRITIQUE. Granted, when I was writing Crossing California, I should have recalled that one needs to travel south, not north, on Kimball Avenue to get to Zanies’ Comedy Club. I fixed this error in subsequent editions, but whether it was a valid topic for criticism is another story. In similar fashion, Elliot Perlman, author of Seven Types of Ambiguity and the forthcoming collection The Reasons I Won’t Be Coming, writes that the film version of his novel Three Dollars, for which he also wrote the screen adaptation, was criticized for getting a street address wrong. “It's this kind of sharp, incisive film criticism that's made the Australian film industry what it is today,” Perlman says.
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