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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Killer Whale vs. Seagull. Killer Whale vs. Dolphin.

In our continuing series of Animal vs. Animal, we bring you Killer Whale vs. Seagull. This is really fascinating. Apparently this resident of Marineland has learned to chew up his fish, spit it out to the surface of his tank, wait for a seagull to land, and then wham!, tasty seagull snack.

And that's not even the most incredible thing. He's got five tankmates, and he's taught them how to do the same thing.

The capacity to come up with the gull-baiting strategy and then share the technique with others — known as cultural learning in the scientific world — was once believed to be one of those abilities that separated humans from other animals.

And, while I was looking for a photograph, I stumbled upon Killer Whale vs. Dolphin. Sorry Dolphin.

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