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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Photoblogging Rules and Suggestions

While visiting some great photoblogging sites like Mute, and a few other sites that I chose not to feature on The Pick, I came up with four simple rules for photobloggers. I am quite sure that any photobloggers who don't follow these rules don't really give a d@mn about my opinion, but here it is anyway.

Photoblogger Web Design Rules, from The Daily Pick:

1. Nobody cares about Micromedia Flash. It takes too long to load, and while we're waiting, we can't see the photographs. While we're waiting, we move on to another site. Start with a photo on the main page.

2. I know that photobloggers take a lot of care with their photographs. I respect that, and as someone who visits sites often, I really appreciate it. But is it necessary to post photographs on a site in such a high resolution that they take thirty seconds to load? Call me short-attention-span person if you will, but while I'm waiting, well, see above. Much better if they are in medium resolution and then, if I click on them (and I will), I can see them in the resolution that the photographer intended.

3. This really should've been #1. I want to be able to navigate a site easily, so please include a "previous," "next," and "current" link on all pages. Most importantly, place these links at the top of the page, not the bottom. If surfers have to scroll down to move on to the next photo, after they view each photo, then they'll likely be moving on to the next site.

4. This is maybe only relevant for bloggers. If webmasters can't "copy" a photograph from a site, then we can't feature it, with a link, on our sites. I understand that artists, including me, don't wish for their work to be stolen and used without permission. That said, this is the world wide web, and if we jump in the pool, we're going to get wet. And, we'll likely meet some cool people in the pool. Allow us to spread the word about a photo site, and the best way to spread the word is to include a photograph on our site.

I linked to Mute on this post because 1. The photographs are marvelous, and 2. It's a smartly designed site. If you're thinking of designing or re-designing a site, do consider using it as a reference.

Much thanks to all the wonderful photobloggers out there. It's a great hour in my day when I can spend it surfing your sites.
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