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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sell the Ranch, President Bush

Since President Bush has been so concerned about Hurricane Katrina victims, this site is asking him to sell his beloved ranch and donate the proceeds to those recently without ranches or homes.

Sell the Ranch. That's right, sell your ranch in Texas, and donate the money to the victims of this horrible tragedy. I realize you love your ranch; you've spent almost a year of your presidency there, doing important things like clearing brush, eating pretzels, and taking naps. But that's exactly why you need to sell it. So many people have lost their homes; the least you can do is give up ownership of one of your many residences for their benefit to show that you have some trace of compassion. Think of it as a symbolic gesture that you're finally ready to stop running away from the responsibilities of the Oval office, and you're ready to meet head-on the full duties of the highest office in the land.

Thanks Cynical C.
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The President releases his tax information every year with the amount he gives to charity. The records show that he has given far more to charities than his Democrat counterparts including the ones who are wealthier then him and ran in the past two presidential elections.
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