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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Zombie Philosophers

Q: Who likes zombies (especially hot ones) more than The Daily Pick?

A: No one.

Q: Who takes the fun out of zombies more than philosopers?

A: No one.

The simplest version of the conceivability argument goes as follows:

(1) Zombies are conceivable.

(2) Whatever is conceivable is possible.

(3) Therefore zombies are possible.

(Kripke used a similar argument in his 1972. For versions of it see Chalmers 1996, 93-171; 1999; 2002; Levine 2001; Nagel 1974; Stoljar 2001.) Clearly the argument is valid. However, both its premisses are problematic. They are unclear as stated, and controversial even when clarified. A key question is how we should understand ‘conceivable’ in this context.


By the way, this image is from Chad Michael Ward, who has zombies, cyborgs, and yes, even winged girls. This site is not safe for work.

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