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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Daily Pick in Brazil. Daily Pick on NPR.

We've had a lot of Internet traffic on the Daily Pick the last couple days. One big source was Querido Leitor, a Brazilian Weblink website, and the other biggie was a word-of-mouth begun when our "George Bush Breaks Vacation Record" was featured around the web, and also on NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.

(Thanks to Adam Johnson and Tom McNeely for making us aware of the NPR cite.)

I'm not sure why we ended up on Querido Leitor, but we appreciate it, and we appreciate the comments left by surfers. I don't know any Portuguese, so I had to use the Google Language Tools to figure out what was said. A few of the translations were very funny, and I've included them below. Their humor is reflective, obviously, of the translation, and not of the Portuguese language.

It pulls life, really is all guilt of the Bush. Today I beat with the foot in the bed and I ached very! There, as all Brazilian conscientious I cried out: "Bush %$#@*&! Is all guilt its!!!

We go to speak on furacao Katrina that frightens New Orleans and the outskirts at this accurate moment. This type of problem in Brazil is one gifts not terms here. 1 million of people ja had left the city, who loucura!!!Tambem the Bush naõa want to contribute, signing the treat o treat to Kioto and does not give nature to it and the proprio man suffers consequencias!!!Que God has misericordia...

Interesting... I liked it "Flying Spaghetti Monster"
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Dear all,

How nice it is to see our flag on your site. I am a "Querido Leitor" reader. It's owner - Rosana Hermann - is always giving us tips on nice blogs / sites to have a look at, and The Daily Pick was her indication. Really nice indeed!
Congrats !! and thank you Rosana for the link!

Curitiba, Brazil.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:12 AM  
I am also a "Querido Leitor" and i loved the brazilian flag on your site.
Anonymous Herlaine - Brussels, at 6:29 AM  
Wohooo! beautiful flag !
I am a "Querido Leitor" too and i loved your site. ;)
Ana Maria
Salvador - Bahia / Brasil
Anonymous Ana Maria SSA BA, at 8:06 AM  
Hi there!
I'm Rosana Hermann, the owner of Querido Leitor, or "Dear Reader", a blog with its own, nice, happy and smart community of readers, all dear to me.
By the way, we were all very pleased and flattered to see our flag on your site. Thanks, from the bottom of my brazilian heart!
Rosana Hermann
Blogger Rosana, at 10:03 AM  
Thanks FSM Mrs Hermann put a link to your blog.


you two saved my life.

All the glory to the FSM!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:28 AM  
All love from Brazil!!!! This flag... isn´t it beautifull?
Blogger Gustavo Ramos, at 11:39 AM  
Hey man! thank you. We love your blog. I saw the link on Querido Leitor too. I will take a pick here daily (lol) to see the news.
see you.
Anonymous Pithe Canella, at 11:52 AM  
BRAZIL ZIL ZIL!Rosana H. is Cool.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:13 PM  
Hi!Iliked your blog too. (I saw the link on Querido Leitor)
I will take a look here daily too..
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:46 PM  
Hey now! Another Brazilian that ended up here thanks to 'Dear Reader'. Thanks for the flag. That's very sweet of you!
Anonymous Raquel, at 8:29 PM  
I´m a "Querido Leitor" too, like tha others, and I´m here to say that we love Brazil, and Rosana is a great Woman!
Anonymous Rodrigo Rabello, at 4:21 PM  

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