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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cheer Up Mark and Bibi

Update: This was a blog about cheering up Mark of
Exclamation Mark and Bibi of Bibi's Box. But, apparently they are feeling just fine, as they relate in the comments section. You should still visit their sites though. Mark has change his site over to a B-movie review page, and Bibi returns soon from film festivals. Thanks to those of you who wrote.
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No, I'm not thinking about give up Tom, I will post less, because I need of some time to sleep too. :)

I'm writing to a site about cinema, and I watch many movie sessions now. Less time to post. Plus I have another blog about cinema to post specific content, I'm studying French 6 hours a week (and it's far from my house) and I have more plans about studies. I don't have time enough to post 15 entries per day, as I did in the beginning of this year).

I'm tired of some behaviours of other bloggers, but not about post. I like a lot, but sometimes I can't get focus to write (the posts and reviews the site).
Anonymous Bibi, at 8:06 PM  
It's nice that you feel this concern to cheer us up. But I must state, I'm feeling pretty good. I have a new b-movie review blog started and I'm on the brink of changing my blog for the better.

Very exciting stuff, indeed!
Anonymous Mark, at 8:20 PM  

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